Tuesday, January 6, 2009


You are hereby inducted into the ranks of the Anonymati.

As a Knight of the Order, you are entrusted with knowledge and common sense, and with the sacred duty to fight ignorance and nitwittery wherever they appear; to spread information; to patiently correct the innocent idiocies of those eager to learn; and to soundly heckle the recalcitrant idiocies of the lazy and arrogant.

Go forth upholding these precepts.

1 comment:

terry said...

Step aside, oh ye slithy toves, for the knights of Anonymati are upon ye.

My hobbies include fighting ignorance but I am especially adept at thwarting nitwittery.

Looking forward to some robust heckles towards those dastardly recalcitrant idiocies.

I know them well, sometimes I are one.